Poetry/Spoken Word

Daddy Loves You

It seems like just yesterday
Your mama told me that you were on your way.
My eyes welled up, tongue tied with nothing to say,
But mama knows I was waiting for you everyday.
I couldn’t wait to be a father
And bring you up in the culture of our people,
teaching you about treating everyone as equals
no matter what their orientation.
I thought about passin on my foundation
That my father taught me,
growin up in a foreign place as a refugee.
All these things began to cross mind
As I worked everyday slave to the grind
And finally I felt like I had hope.
The days passed and I began to cope
Lookin forward to the future,
I didn’t care if I was runnin up slope
Because now I had your mother and you
To keep my heart from fallin apart
on those days that it was too hard.
The days passed and soon you were on your way
I kept prayin to God that everything would be okay
And it was the happiest day of my life to see you
Born 9:05 on April 21st and I knew
that it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

I imagine you as a young boy now
brushin the sweat from your brow
on a warm summers day,
coming home from school on a Monday,
telling me everything that you learned
from the library books that you returned
cuz you know that education don’t stop in the class,
And that every day you must surpass
the level you reached in the past
no matter what the subject,
including respect and how to protect your mother
and your baby cousin and your brothers,
cuz by this time you know life ain’t fair
and that there are people that don’t share
when it comes to knowledge or wealth,
and that health ain’t just about the body
but about the mind too
and that you can control what you do
that you can do anything you want to
because we all have the power
to respond positive or negatively
to the things that we see
and keep us from reaching our dreams
no matter how far out they seem.

I may not make it to the day that you reach 20
So here are some words, contemplate them plenty
Like the words of Marx and Daniel Viglietti.
Son you and I are part of a history
and your people have worked strategically
to make it to the place and time where we are.
Your life is more than just about you
it’s about our culture and what’s true.
Like that every single person needs to be free,
live life in complete liberty,
And that is the reason I struggle, we struggle
Put the pieces together like a puzzle,
because we’re almost there, never despair
and keep educating your mind, be aware
but most importantly raise a family,
cuz we need people to become souljahs
for the army of life. It’s just because
a group of people who live without thought
and believe that freedom comes from the things they bought
it’s not that they’re evil, they just don’t know no better.
But it’s up to you to save this world
because if not you then who?
That’s the message that was passed on to me
now I pass it to you, so you can see
that every single living thing in this world is connected,
and needs to be respected, don’t ask me what’s to be expected
cuz I’m still fighting the struggle and I don’t know how to win,
but I know that it starts from within
and that if we do this you and I will be known men
to the people in our lives that love us dearly
and this is my letter to you,

signed sincerely,

your father.


We Free

Just another summer day
on the way, ready to play
with my son in the park
at the family bar-b-q
Enjoying the view
of the trees and the sky
thankin God for the heat July
as we play soccer
with the friends
bro take the cover off the camera lens
makin memories as I put on the squeeze
on my wife, no stress and no strife
all praise to the most merciful for life
the time comes and we gather
listening to the chatter
of the family being free
living in community
about to break bread
no where I’d be instead
then with the family
at the picnic table
always willing an able
to do my part
that’s how it be from the start
family always in my heart
state of elation and culinary art
as we dig in with a big grin
with my friends n kin.

Friday afternoon
in the month of June
workin with my bro
installing the turbo on the car
Santana on the guitar
through the radio
listenin to the flow
we lay low
The car ready for a try
we bounce through the hood with pride
that’s how we ride
like we Westside
outside the sun shines
I bust freestyle rhymes
We stop by the corner store
For a little more
Juice for our gin
That’s how we begin 
Preparing for a Friday night
Chillin by the bond fire
Ready to retire
in the backyard
workin day to day is hard
but we don’t need to be scarred
by the oppressive element
as long as we confrontin it
discussin the plan
with friends and fam
who really do give a damm.

Inspired by happiness
I insist that we all resist
the stress of workin day to day
we oppressed but we need to be free
our mind is our first priority
to livin with security
souljah preserve thy self
health is true wealth
and we can all make moves
to improve our situation
some got congregations
lookin for salvation
others got different vocations
that lead to the same end
as long as we don’t pretend
to mend our lives
instead of serchin for the truth
freedom don’t come from a voting booth
it’s in how you live your life
remember no stress and no strife
together we’ll fight
when the time is right
cuz we all want to be
part of community
of people that are all free




Les pregunto a Ustedes
han pensado en las paredes,
Seamos claros
hay que escribirlas
comodice Quelentaro,
es el diario de la gente
equivalente a la voz
del trabajador
sembrador de la esperanza
de un nuevo mundo.
Es profundo pensar
con la brocha
parada semjante al antorcha
que llevamos alumbrando el camino
no hay que ser devino
para definirlo.
La pintura nace
del pensamiento,
del ser humano
concencia construye
estructuras sin daños
y es por eso que
pinto hasta el cielo
por que es el deseo
de mi pueblo
para transmitir
las verdades
del proletariado
que se siente afectado
por las mintiras de los tiranos
que tenemos tan cercano.
Corre la voz
como el agua de la tierra
y pronto le tocara
de nuevo a la izquierda
y sera el pueblo que se levanta
a caminar las grandes alamedas.


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